Ashford Academy

Do Re Mi Music & Me Programme

This is a fully integrated approach to music education for young children.  It takes the younger child on a wonderful adventure through music land, where their sense of pitch and rhythm are developed alongside training of the inner ear.  Music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social language and physical development.  Do Re Mi activities include an introduction to percussion instruments, the "Solfege", Listening to music, Musical Games and lots more, in preparation for instrumental studies and notation.  Classes are taught by professional Music Educators, trained and specialising in early childhood music and development.


Piano lessons are available to both Adults and Children .  Group Lessons for Children (2 per group , similar age), or Individual Tuition.  Piano is taught from the age of 6 yrs.

Ashford Academy Choir is open to all students.  The Choir practice once a week and participate in Choral competitions and National Events.  Our Youth Choir has taken part in a "Sell Out" gigs@ the Helix  with the Cross Border Orchestra and music maestro Gearoid Grant .

Music Appreciation Classes for Adults
oup class designed for adults, who always wanted to know more about music, but just never found the time.  This class includes an introduction to Classical Music, its' development and history of the great composers.  A beginners guide to reading music and introduction to choral training and singing.  We also take a look at some of the greats from the Musical theatre, all in a fun relaxed atmosphere where everyone learns at their own pace.

Summer Camps
Run every year for the Month of July, with a themed event each week.  .........  or phone 087 2433133

"Through Music children of all ages are reached in a Special Way.  Music should be fun and inspiring"

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